4 Tips for Choosing Decorative Light Poles for Gardens Must Know

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Decorative lampposts will beautify the surrounding area. For example, in the park area. It cannot be denied that the presence of these components is very important. Apart from being the main source of lighting, decorative lights are also the most important garden decoration.

4 Tips for Choosing Decorative Light Poles for the Garden

There are many types of lampposts, so you shouldn't just choose one. Instead of wanting to beautify the garden, it actually damages the garden decoration. If you want to get a lamppost that fits the garden concept, you can follow the following guidelines.

Park Area

The main function of decorative lights is as the main lighting at night. In order to feel its function, the pillars supporting the decorative lights must also take into account the area of ​​the garden.

Garden poles are generally about 2 meters high. Even some of them have a height of more than 2 meters.

Later, the area of ​​this park will be a reference for the number of decorative lights that must be installed. Is it effective in providing light for the garden area or not. So, not too much and not too little so that the impression is pleasing to the eye.

Adjust to the Lighting Level

The light poles that will be installed on the street and parks are certainly not the same. Especially for parks, make sure to choose a lamppost that can provide sufficient light intensity.

Consider with Concepts

Garden concepts and designs are getting more and more creative these days. All thanks to the creativity of landscape architecture.

Now, when choosing garden lampposts, you can't miss the main concept. Isn't it funny if the decorative lampposts that are supposed to beautify the garden actually look out of harmony. The garden concepts that are trending are modern, minimalist, or even conventional.

Choose a Contrast Color

Making a garden seem livelier and warmer is the easiest way to add color. Just choose a lamppost with a contrasting color.

Harmonize with plants and trees in the garden area. The suggested colors are gold, silver, white, or even green to match the color of the leaves.

Planning to install decorative lampposts in the garden? To make your work easier, just entrust this project to the experts. One of the best recommendations is Agung Bersama Indonesia. Please access the Abi.co.id website to view our official catalog.

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