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The type of street light pole is an important aspect, which must be considered before choosing. This is because people often only see the general appearance of a light pole. Like paying attention to solar panels, assessing battery power and controller components.

Rarely do they pay close attention to the role of the pole, to complement the components of the street light. In fact, it is the light pole that will support the entire physical structure of the PJUTS. So that it also determines the durability, safety and aesthetics of street lighting.

Types of Street Light Poles You Need to Know

In general, there are many types of lampposts. You can choose one of them according to the standards and needs of each. Inaccurate in choosing a light pole, can affect the quality of lighting that is not optimal.

Types of street light poles can be divided into 2 types. The first is the light pole based on the angle, then the second type according to the shape. In order to understand better, please refer to the full description below.

Street Light Poles in Terms of Shape

Street light poles based on their shape are divided into 4, namely conventional or round, octagonal, hexagonal and decorative. For conventional, octagonal, and hexagonal types, the shape is tall and towering like a light pole in general.

The sizes of the three types of poles are quite varied, ranging from 6 to 13 meters. You can adjust to the needs of lighting and road terrain. In addition, there are several forms of metal plates that distinguish the three. For the octagonal type, it has 8 sides of an iron plate, hexagonal only has 6 sides, while the conventional round bamboo has no sides.

Then the fourth type is the decorative lamppost. This type of street light pole is generally chosen to provide a dual function. In addition to supporting street lighting, decorative poles are also useful to support aesthetics. The shape also varies, ranging from spiral, curved, or custom made.

Lamppost from Angle

Types of street light poles based on the angle can be divided into 2, namely single and double. Single angle or parabola can only support one lamp. Generally located on the side of a two-way street. While the double angle can support two lights at once. Usually used in the middle position between two parallel roads.

Considering that there are quite a lot of types of lampposts, you can more freely choose them for various needs. However, be sure to entrust your lamppost needs to the best manufacturers. One that you should consider is PT Agung Bersama Indonesia.

We are an experienced company engaged in the field of light poles. You can get all kinds of street light poles, with the best quality and competitive prices with us. That's all, hopefully useful!


 Types of Street Light Poles

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