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Minimalist street light poles are useful as street lighting and their minimalist design makes them in great demand. When compared to lampposts in general, this type of lamppost has a size that looks slimmer and smaller. In addition, the making of this lamppost is also given a decorative accent, so that it has a function to decorate the road.

Minimalist Street Light Pole

This lamppost is also often referred to as a classic street lamppost. Seen from its function as a decoration, of course, this lamp is popular with the public. The difference between this lamppost and other lampposts can be seen from the placement. If other lampposts are placed on the outskirts of city streets, then minimalist lampposts should be placed on the outskirts of rural roads.

The many benefits it has make several things need to be considered in its installation so that it is realized perfectly. As knowledge, the following describes the installation process:

Pole Installation Survey

It is necessary to know the layout of the lamp before installation. Besides that, it is also used to check what materials must be installed at that location as well as the area around the installation location. This observation aims to anticipate the need for work equipment that will be needed during the installation process.

This location survey was carried out with the permission of the PLN. In addition, this is done to install the distribution panel box and pole identification number.

Determining the Location of the Lamp

After the survey on the placement of the lampposts has been completed, the next step is to determine the location of the lamps. This location determination is carried out so that the lighting provided by the PJU poles works optimally. In other words, the lamppost will help the lamp provide maximum and comprehensive lighting.

Making Cable Installation Flow

Making the Cable Installation Flow needs to be considered in the process of installing light poles. Errors in the installation flow can cause the lamp to not function properly. Apart from that, making this groove also makes a beautiful impression from the installation of the lamppost itself. The correct cable installation groove can also create a neat installation impression.

Digging the Ground

It was intended to create a soil foundation for a strong light pole. Approximate size of the general depth of about 20 cm.

Installing Light Poles

Install the light pole in the place provided by always paying attention to the installation of clamp-type wedges as hooks.

That's a review of the process of installing a minimalist street light pole. The installation of this pole is the same as the installation of other types of lampposts in general.

minimalist street light pole

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