Light Pole in Urban - Rural Light Pole
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15 Feb 2021
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Specification of Light Pole in Urban - Rural Light Pole

Lampposts in Cities - Cities are centers of settlements and population activities that have administrative boundaries regulated in statutory regulations as well as settlements that have shown the character and characteristics of urban life.

Urban Light Pole

On this occasion, we will discuss a little about the components contained in the city, namely decorative lights and street lights. Now the selling prices of cheap street light poles in cities are numerous, the types and models of decorative lights and garden lights are also very diverse.

Light Pole in Urban - City is an artificial location that is designed in such a way and in its use as a center of the crowd. Inside there are various complementary components such as plants, chairs, decorative lights, and other decorative components.

Flowers, chairs, and lights are urban components that we often see in urban planning. The urban atmosphere will be more beautiful if decorated with decorative pju poles, antique gardens, etc. The selling price of cheap decorative pju poles is found in every city.

A city will look complete when inserted with a mini garden or planting trees. This park must also be arranged so that its beauty can be enjoyed by city visitors. Such as the addition of garden light poles, chairs, kola mikan and so on. Currently the selling price of cheap but high quality garden light poles is found on Jl. Mushola Al Iman Kropak Lor Rt 012, Dusun III Kab. Sragen, Central Java 57276.

We can see carefully, the garden lamp has a unique shape and looks Javanese style with a color that looks like brass. Garden decorative lights are made of aluminum (cast aluminum).

Of course it would be a pity if we use decorative lights with brass material to be placed in city parks. The size is not too big, which is about ± 90 cm high. very understandable if the selling price of minimalist garden lampposts is quite expensive because of its complicated manufacture.

This decorative lamp with an original Indonesian style will be able to complement and decorate a home garden, city park, or garden in other public facilities. Where can we get decorative lamps with unique models?

Garden Light Pole

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