Antique Garden Light Pole

Antique Garden Light Pole,

Allisa Resort is a luxurious residence on the beach. Decorated with a variety of classic garden and street lamppost lighting, this resort has a 3-level building where on the 2nd and 3rd floors there are rooms that can view the open sea.
The flower garden has a garden lamppost in the middle between the buildings. The swimming pool is available in the middle between the building and the beach.


Jl. Mushola Al Iman Kropak Lor Rt 012, Dusun III Kab.Sragen Jawa Tengah 57276 
Call / Whatsapp. 0812-8917-7394
Call/ Whatsapp. 0822-9997-2277
Call / Whatsapp . 0812-8131-1899




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